Thursday, April 28, 2011

Set backs

Just when things were going great.... the rug gets pulled out from underneath me.  Frustrating week so far and if I didn't have a great support network and my faith in God, I can see how some people go just plain nuts.  Not to go into too many details, but I screwed up on some things and it affected somone whom I love very much.  While I can't go back and fix or do-over the problem, I can just pick up from here, ask for forgiveness, offer my pround apologies, profess that it won't happen again and then just go from here.  Faith will take over and see me through. 

To add to that issue, I learned that my cousin who has lung cancer is having a really tough time.  Tumors have spread to various regions of the body, she has been undergoing treatment for a long time and she will have good days and bad days.  Things have declined recently and time is getting short.  This is a bit of dejavu for me since losing Naomie to cancer in '97.  Cursed cancer.  Ugh!  I am riding in a 100 mile bicycle event in May in honor of cousin Dana.

Then one more thing... more court drama to be had.  Oh brother.  It never ends.  Just when I think there will be a respite, here comes more surprises in the mail.  These are less shocking now and I have become numb to the sting.

So a lot of stress over here.  A lot of weight to bear on one's shoulders.  But as I learned recently, put it on God's shoulders, his are much bigger and He will see me through.

In the meantime, stay tuned for this sunday's Eugene Half-Marathon when I attempt to break the 2hr mark which will be a huge personal record.

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